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Born in 1989 in Harlem, New York. Live and work in New York.

Born and raised In Harlem New York, Melvin Guzman, better known as Grave, has made his way from Sugar Hill to Bond Street in Soho. Becoming aware of everything that is going on around him, he decided to capture the scene with photographs.
Born in 1989, in the middle of the crack epidemic in New York City, he witnessed destruction of the city and people’s lives. This is the catalyst that inspires Grave to destroy his images. It serves as a paradox of an artist who destroys to renew.
Discovering his process of using high contrast filters in the dark room of his college, he creates an entirely new image. This evolved into making abstract images from shadows and architecture in Manhattan. Today, Grave still explores a rapidly changing city with his eye for abstraction.

Né en 1989 à Harlem (New York). Vit et travaille à New York.

Ayant grandit dans les rues d’Harlem, Melvin Guzman aka Grave à tracé son chemin des rues de Sugar Hill jusqu’à Bond Street (Soho) épicentre de l’art contemporain américain. Dans ce contexte, Grave choisit son médium de prédilection, la photographie.
Né en 1989, il est le témoin comme toute sa génération de l’épidémie de crack ayant foudroyé les rues de New York, il comprendra plu tard d’où vient cette obsession de détruire à l’infini toutes les images qu’il capture.
En poussant à l’infini le processus du contraste saturé dans la chambre noire de sa fac, Gave fini par se diriger vers une abstraction noire et blanche totale suggérant la poésie graphique de Manhattan.
Grave se consacre aujourd’hui à son art baignant dans le volcan de créativité qu’est New York.



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